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Career Services

Certified Career Coach giving you space to explore various career fields and helping you craft the perfect resumes to go along with whatever path you choose. I help clients optimize their resumes to get passed the AI gatekeepers and land directly in front of recruiters. Whether you want to modernize an outdated, boring resume OR you need to sharpen your interview skills, I am confident I can help you unleash your fullest potential allowing you to land your dream job.

Say goodbye to the misery of a toxic work environment and say hello to freedom and success. It is time to gain clarity on your passions and identify the non-negotiables of your workview and lifeview so you can finally manifest your dream job.

What I Offer:

Resume Optimization

I will take a look at your resume or LinkedIn profile and provide recommendations on how you can optimize the contents, layout, and verbiage in order to get more eyes on your page. My guidance will get you more phone calls, more interviews, and assist you with landing your dream job. 

Mock Interview

Whether you are lacking confidence or just want to sharpen your interview skills, a practice interview with me will help you feel more prepared. I will customize questions to fit your career field or industry and you'll practice answering the common, tough interview questions with me.


Career coaching can help you with salary negotiation, career path exploration, or setting boundaries in the workplace. We can discuss any aspect of your career that you'd like. If you desire a better work-life balance or a more satisfying and fulfilling career, coaching can help with that.

Things We Could Work Through:

  • Resume writing

  • Interview preparation

  • Salary negotiation tactics

  • Workview (values and non-negotiables)

  • Lifeview (values and non-negotiables)

  • Engagement and flow meters

  • Tracking progress at work

  • 5-year odyssey planning

  • Prototyping and coffee chats

  • Personality type and career matches

  • Mind mapping and exploring interests

  • Understanding your identity capital

Career coaching: together we will co-create realistic goals and strategies to reach those goals in a forward momentum. You will gain insights on your likes and dislikes, your passions and values, and what you really want in a career. You will complete a series of exercises that will get you outside of your comfort zone and put you into a creative and innovative space, so you can begin to attract more opportunities and abundance in your career. Through our time together, you will be able to transform your entire mindset when it comes to your career and the potential that lies ahead. Not only will you gain more self-awareness, but you will quickly learn that the power and potential of you career lies in your hands.

If you'd like to work with me, request service here:

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